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WP5.1 Specialization course in conservation and management of archives and heritage libraries

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More than a hundred professionals from Peru, Mexico and Bolivia were trained in documentary conservation in 2023 thanks to CODICIS

Through its training program based on the adaptation of an expert course to local realities, CODICIS has been contributing to the safeguarding of Latin American heritage.

Within the framework of the CODICIS project, the Specialization course in Conservation and Management of Archives and Heritage Libraries taught by the 6 LAM IES was successfully completed.

Directly benefiting:

– Professionals and university teachers related to the work of archives and heritage libraries.

– People with experience or relationship with archives and libraries work.

– Students and alumni of IES LAM interested in working with archives and libraries.

The dissemination of the course was carried out through posters, social networks, news and press releases by the IES LAM, which allowed 232 students from the countries of Peru, Mexico and Bolivia to apply.

Teachers played an important role in these trainings, with the participation of 49 teachers from the IES LAM and IES UE.

The participation of the EU HEIs was through 4 face-to-face modules and 12 virtual modules, and 34 teaching mobilities were carried out to contribute to the development of teaching and share knowledge from other educational perspectives.

The practical classes for these exchanges were carried out in the laboratories financed by the project installed in each of the LAM IES.

The first class taught at the level of all IES LAM was held by the University of San Andrés, Bolivia on 07/20/2023, while the last class was taught by the Universidad Panamericana, Mexico on 11/17/2023 At a global level, the Specialization course lasted approximately 4 months.

At the end of the course, 120 students were trained in the countries of Peru, Mexico and Bolivia, exceeding expectations. The majority of HEIs held a closing ceremony where they delivered the certificates corresponding to participation in the Specialization courses and thanked the Erasmus+ program of the European Union for the financing provided and the opportunity to contribute to the community through the training of people. related to the conservation and management of archives and heritage libraries.

WP 3.2 Teacher training

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65 Latin American professionals were trained by European experts in documentary conservation during 2022 and 2023 thanks to CODICIS

The white paper on training in documentary conservation laid the foundations for the expert course given by the EU HEIs to the LAM HEIs participating in CODICIS

As part of the CODICIS project, the Training of Trainers course was successfully developed. The objective of this course was to train the staff of the LAM IES so that they can be future teachers on issues of conservation and management of archives and heritage libraries.

For the development of these activities, there was a selection process that consisted of three phases: the first was the call requesting documents from the participants, the second included the preselection of 10 participants for each IES LAM who had to meet an entry profile such as : academic training, professional experience in archives and libraries, courses taken, publications on the topic of archives and libraries.

As for the third phase, this included the selection of candidates, following the proposal prepared by the IES Barcelona (White Paper or Report on the Training Course for Trainers in Management and Conservation of Heritage Archives and Libraries) and reviewed by the International Group of Complementation, the IES Catania proceeded to review the

Once the people to be trained were selected, the training by the EU HEIs began for the teachers of the LAM HEIs on October 15, 2022.

The course began with the first lessons dedicated to the training complement, through the blackboard platform; Likewise, 32 mobilities were carried out, which allowed for face-to-face classes to be held in the CODICIS laboratories at the headquarters of Arequipa-Peru, Guadalajara-Mexico and La Paz-Bolivia with specialized professors invited by the partner European Universities who evaluated the activities of each of them. participants.

The training ended in January 2023 and resulted in the training of 65 teachers in the countries of Peru, Mexico and Bolivia. All graduated students received the corresponding certification.

WP 2.2 Codicis course teaching plans

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Codicis course teaching plans

Module 1. Block 1

Module 2. Block 1

Module 3. Block 1

Module 1. Block 2

Module 2. Block 2

Module 3. Block 2

Module 1. Block 3

Module 2. Block 3

Module 3. Block 3

WP 1.3 Conference on good European practices in bibliographic and documentary heritage

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