In-person meeting of the board of directors of the CODICIS project consortium in Catania, Italy


Last June it was held in Catania, Italy; at the Department of Humanities of the University of Catania, the face-to-face meeting of Directors of the Erasmus Plus CODICIS Project Consortium: three days of meetings and events to take stock of the project and plan the work for the coming months.

After receiving the representatives of the associated universities, within the framework of the former Benedictine Monastery of Catania and headquarters of the Department of Humanities, the first day of meetings began. Pamela Cabala Banda (UCSP), project coordinator, spoke first, focusing on the organization of WP5.

The execution of the Specialization Course in conservation and management of archives and heritage libraries, the teaching calendar and the presentation of monitoring and quality activities, evaluations linked to the courses and actions that accompany the course were discussed.

Later, Cristina Vargas (UDEP, virtual), Maria José Andrade (UDEP) and Juan Guerrero (INCOMA) intervened to review the progress of WP 7.6, the final article of the project.

For the second day of activities, guided group visits were made to the Diocesan Museum of Catania, the Achillian Baths, the Catania Cathedral and the Municipal Palace, organized by Simona Inserra (UniCT). Upon returning to the department, Esther Aillón (U. Mayor de San Andrés) and Juan Guerrero (INCOMA) led the session dedicated to the review and approval in the Consortium of WP8, Sustainability plan.

The day ended with the reading and review of the day by Pamela Cabala Banda (UCSP) and Juan Guerrero (INCOMA).

The last day was dedicated to guided tours of Catania's libraries and archives; Simona Inserra (UniCT) led the group to discover the University building and its museum, the Catania Regional University Library and the University Historical Archive. Participants were able to admire collections of books and documents, interacting with professionals present within cultural institutions. At the end of the visit to Sicily, Simona Inserra (UniCT) organized the transfer of the representatives of the partner universities to the province of Palermo for two days of meetings and guided tours in the cities of Palermo and Monreale. In the first, the group visited the Cathedral of Palermo, the Central Library of the Region of Sicily and the Biblioteca Comunale “Leonardo Sciascia”. In Monreale after the visit to the Cathedral, the group was able to admire the collections of ancient books of the Library of the Episcopal Seminary “Ludovico II De Torres” and the Municipal Library “Santa María La Nuova”.