The Catholic University of Tarija, Bolivia is teaching the Course “Management and Conservation of Documentary and Bibliographic Heritage” at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés in La Paz, Bolivia


We start with the module “Digitization and Digital Preservation”, with the participation of María del Rosario Cavero, as assistant professor, in collaboration with Professor Juan Miguel Arroyo Dávila, specialist in Digitization and Preservation of heritage documents at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (UMSA).

This module was developed over three sessions that combined theoretical and practical aspects in two fundamental areas: digitization and digital preservation.

Among the practices carried out, digitization was carried out using a scanner and a photographic camera. In addition, each participant undertook an individual project to digitize documentary heritage.

In the second session, the focus was on the planning of digitalization projects and the practical implementation of digitalization policies, as well as quality control throughout the entire process.

In the last session, aspects related to storage devices, risk assessment, making backup copies with metadata, and evaluating and planning long-term digital preservation were delved into.

At the end of these sessions, the objective of the module was achieved, which was to acquire solid knowledge about the main digitization techniques and their application in projects related to heritage documents.