Who we are


Design and implement a specialization course in conservation and management of heritage archives and libraries.
To implement conservation and restoration laboratories in the universities that are involved in the project.

Specific objectives


A pedagogical and scientific methodology for the diagnosis of the state of capacity building in the management of archives and libraries in Latin America.

Capacity building

Professors in conservation criteria, description, classification and cataloguing of library and heritage archive material.


Knowledge from Europe to Latin America.


Laboratory for training in conservation and management of documentary cultural heritage.


International university cooperation and local institutions in relation to heritage archiving.


Puebla de Zaragoza, México

Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla

The Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla is a nationally consolidated public and autonomous institution, committed to the comprehensive training of critical and reflective professionals and citizens at the upper secondary, higher, and postgraduate levels, who can generate, adapting, recreating, innovate and apply knowledge of quality and social relevance.

The University encourages research, the creation and dissemination of knowledge, promotes inclusion, equal opportunities and bonding; contributes as a community of knowledge to the development of art, culture, the solution of economic, environmental, social and political problems in the region and the country, under a policy of transparency and accountability, ethical principles, sustainable development, in defense of human rights, tolerance and honesty; contributing to the creation of a proactive, productive, fair and safe society.

Guadalajara, México

Universidad Panamericana

To provide education for people who seek the truth and are committed to it, promoting Christian humanism that contributes to the construction of a better world.
Barcelona, España

Universitat de Barcelona

The University of Barcelona is the main public university in Catalonia and combines the fact that it is an innovative university of excellence in the field of teaching and research with its character as an urban, open and cosmopolitan university.
Catania, Italia

Universidad de Catania

A lively and stimulating university life, high-level education and teaching that is in step with the times, cutting-edge research and strong ties with local companies, prestigious sites, and modern technological poles.

The University of Catania is an ancient university, with a strong tradition dating back to 1434, but one that wants to look ahead, capable of reacting to social, organizational, and technological change, and that knows how to listen.

Tarija, Bolivia

Universidad Católica Boliviana San Pablo

The main mission of the Bolivian Catholic University "San Pablo" is the constant search for truth through research, conservation, and communication of knowledge for the good of society. The Bolivian Catholic University "San Pablo" participates in this mission by contributing its specific characteristics and purpose.

Through education and research, the Bolivian Catholic University "San Pablo" makes an indispensable contribution to the Church. It prepares men and women who, inspired by Christian principles and motivated to live their Christian vocation with maturity and coherence, will also be able to assume positions of responsibility in society and the Church. Moreover, thanks to the results of the scientific research it makes available, it can help the Church to provide answers to the problems and demands of every historical moment.

La Paz, Bolivia

Universidad Mayor de San Andrés

To provide highly qualified professionals, with commitment and social responsibility, with reflection and critical thinking, entrepreneurial and builder of a fair and inclusive society. Promoting innovation integrated with the State, society, and the international scientific and academic community, driving progressive transformation in search of improving the quality of life of the population.
Arequipa, Perú

Universidad Católica San Pablo

The Universidad Católica San Pablo is an academic community animated by the orientations and life of the Catholic Church which, in the light of faith and with the effort of reason, seeks the truth and promotes the integral education of the person through activities such as research, teaching and extension, to contribute to the shaping of culture in accordance with the identity and unfolding of the human being.
Piura, Perú

Universidad de Piura

The Universidad de Piura aims to train people who are open to the needs of others, with criteria, capable of a successful life and of improving society. With this objective, over the years, it has consolidated a recognized prestige for its academic rigor, level of demand, seriousness, and institutional quality.
Sevilla, España


INCOMA is a training and research center based in Seville (Spain) with extensive know-how and experience in the development and coordination of international cooperation projects mainly funded within the framework of EU programmes, especially in the field of education, training, and research.

Our activity is especially devoted to the development of social innovation projects, with special focus on training targeting groups at risk or with special difficulties to enter to enter the labour market, namely young people, women and migrants.